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Get Free AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch)

AI: The Somnium Files is an adventure game developed and published by Spike Chunsoft, which released for Microsoft Windows in 2019. It will release on Xbox One in 2021.

It is set in Tokyo, Japan with the main character solving crime by entering the memories of suspects.

The game was directed and written by Kotaro Uchikoshi as well as character designs by Yūsuke Kozaki. It received a sequel in 2022, AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative.

Somnium Files is a mystery-adventure game that consists of investigation parts and somnium parts.

The story is told over multiple branching paths. The decision a player make only determines the next point in the story. You will be able to fully comprehend what’s going on by playing through all three major routes.

Braid is a game where you can skip back and forth between different choices, but with a flow chart that remind you of the various scenes in the game.

The player, as detective Kaname Date, uses artificial intelligence unit Aiba in order to zoom and explore the real world.

A machine called the “Psync Machine” is used to explore a person’s memories in the form of dreamscapes, or “somnium,” to find clues and extract information that they might not share willingly with Date.

The puzzles include examining objects and choosing an action to perform with it, as well as solving mental locks. The player can then progress deeper into the character’s subconscious.

Players have a limited 6 minutes in the game. Actions require time to perform, and so you’ll need to be careful when deciding what you want to do. Within the Somnium parts, Aiba has taken on a humanoid form and acts as your avatar.

The Somnium Files takes place in a futuristic Tokyo with new technologies, and follows the special agent Date Kaname of the top-secret ABIS department.

ABIS investigate crimes through a process called “Psyncing”, in which a Psyncer such as Date explores the Somnium, or dream world, of persons of interest in a case.

Syncing has a powerful effect that often uncovers clues the subject is only subconsciously aware of. It can only work for a maximum of six minutes which should be long enough to get a good idea of where the subject’s problems may lie.

Date is assisted by an artificial intelligence (A.I.) housed in his cybernetic left eye named Aiba, who can communicate with Date via an artificial nerve, provide him with enhanced vision modes such as X-Ray and night vision, and hack various electronic devices.

Aiba also helps Date’s investigations into Somnium, by acting as his avatar in the virtual world.

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