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All About Google Stadia

After the failure of Project Stream, Google went silent until recently when the announcement of Stadia was made. The service is expected to be available for gamers who want to use Chrome browser on their devices including computers, tablets, and laptops. It also expected to be compatible with smartphones. With features such as the ability to change devices within seconds, this service will enable users to play anywhere where there is an internet connection. It will also support several game development engines and will work with Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4 and other versions.


Google Stadia is a cloud-based service which means that all the functions will be performed remotely. This will allow all users to have the same experience regardless of the device they use. All users will access the same processor which means the same performance power and speed. Other than being the most powerful console currently available, Google Stadia also has the advantage of being easier to upgrade. The upgrades will depend on the type of connection you have, keeping in mind that cellular wireless connections will not be supported by the service.


Other features of the service include Google Assistant support and State Share. You’ll be able to get help when you need it and share your favorite moments of the game. The stadia controller will allow you to play optimal, with its own Google Assistant and Capture features. You can still play without the controller since other input options such as keyboards and mice are available. The controller has a USB that allows connection to other devices computers and phones but the connection to a TV will be through wireless connections.


When It’s Coming And Cost


Google Stadia is expected to launch on 19th November in the UK, US, and Canada as well as other 11 European countries. The pro version is expected to cost $9.99 with access to at least one game every month. There will also be a Founder’s Edition with better features at the cost of $129 monthly. Shipments for any orders and pre-orders will begin on 19th November in the order which they were made.

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