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Best Android Apps Unlisted in Google Play Store

Let’s deep dive into Play Store’s hidden apps!

Since Google have a bunch of restrictive policies, many awesome applications were never placed into trusted Google’s Play Store halls. Today we are focusing on those hidden apps that are worth your time but are completely hidden and you can’t really find them in the entry. Keep in mind that these apps will require your approval since they will be listed as the “Unknown Sources” so check availability in your settings menu.

Popcorn Time: Audio Visual Entertainment

Immerse into thousands of movies and TV shows for free and stream them from your smart TV or phone device with option for screen-sharing/mirroring. Just get popcorns and with a click, get into your favorite show right away! The only downside to this app is that you are unable to download any content and later on watch it offline but other than that, this app is a must have if you like watching movies and eating popcorns. Make sure to clean you download folder regularly since streaming from this app with fill up your storage with files. You are also able to check out the trailer before watching the full video so that is a great bonus. Pick out from different foreign languages you prefer, with subtitles and start watching.

F-Droid: Get all unlisted apps

If you love digging for some interesting non-Google Play Store apps, that install F-Droid and let the fun begin. It’s specifically developed to list all the unlisted app that Google is not approving so you will be given an open source to search for the most amazing apps out there. Explore and download open source products and keep in mind that the app catalog isn’t consisted of any pirate apps.


Tinc: VPN app for protecting your privacy online

You can find Tinc on F-Droid by typing the app’s name in a search bar. Protect your data with VPN and browse the web as much as you want without worrying if someone will get your information. You can change your location with VPN and watch shows from all over the world. The app is free for download and you can easily modify or get rid of the content in your storage.

Hopefully, with this article we have provided you with some insight on how to get Google Play Store apps that are not listed in the store. Basically, all you need to do is install the F-Droid and immerse into a whole new world of apps that are super convenient. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment.

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