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Best Apps for Making Instagram Stories Catchy

While posting on Instagram may seem easy, it takes a lot of work into creating a perfect blend of what you had in mind using the app. Also, if you are a creator, Instagram is a create place where you can share stories about your current work and progress so why not take it to the next level by trying out some of these few apps that will make your IG stories blossom. If you are interested in holding your followers, your stories need to be creative and original so let’s get to it!




Using this app, you can add templates, colors, customize your font however you want and so much more to make your Instagram story refined. You can easily create an amazing collage of photos and place it as your story and make your experience while editing a real joy. Unfold is available for free on iOS and Android.


Adobe Spark


With Adobe Spark you can create amazing Instagram stories without effort while adding animations and fonts. The app also has a large gallery where you can choose photos from, so if you ever need a picture, you can easily grab from thousands and add them in your story. Adobe Spark is suitable for Android and iOS.





If you only want to focus on adding different texts to your stories, than Hype-Type is the perfect one for that. With an incredible collection of fonts and sizes you can choose exactly what you had in mind every time you wish to add text. Also, there is an option to add animated text and typography so you can combine to make an ideal mix. Available for iOS and Android.




Using Over, you can edit your photos while having access to variety of templates, filters, stickers and effects, and you can also get your photo cropped. Keep in mind, you will have to watch the tutorial in order to use this app, since things can get confusing at first, but once you gather all the information you need, you will be as good as a pro-editor.




If you are new to Instagram stories, and want to get more views, Canva is the way to go if you don’t want to buy views. With this incredible story editor, you can pick any template you like and create a perfect story. You can also create photo collage, banners and make quotes and memes.




You can use this app to add the caption to your story, so viewers can without hearing a sound on a video, make sense of what that video is about. It is available on iOS for $4.99




With LifeLapse, you can easily create the lapse in your story by adding music or filters and controlling the pace of your video however you want. You can make lapse like a pro using this app and it is available on iOS and Android.




If you want to create memes, slideshows and gifs for your Instagram story, download PhotoGrid. Add different AR filters to make a perfect mix and with over 300 templates to choose from, pick any that you wish to add to your story and make it unique. It is available on Android and iOS devices.




Want to edit your photos without limitations? VSCO is the answer! There is a free version of this app, and also you can get to a pro version. with more than ten amazing templates and editing tools, free version VSCO is a great way to try out the app and in case you like it, continue in paying mode.




Storeo will allow you to make over 15 seconds long videos and add them as a story. So, now you can simply convert your pre-edited videos into Insta stories and you can also make Instagram and Facebook story from only one video.


A Design Kit


With this app you will be able to enhance certain details of your photo while including filters and background pictures. You can also attach stickers on your story to make it even more personal or choose to draw into your story. A Design Kit is available on iOS devices.

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