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6 Best Chromecast Games

Although Chromecast isn’t the most exciting Android game, they are still enjoyable enough especially if you want to kill some boredom. Most of the games have not been updated for a long time but they are still good. The following are some of the best Chromecast games to try out.

1.Chromecast Free Games Warriors

The free games warriors are puzzle games that have a variation of Flappy Bird, snake and another variant of 2048. The games haven’t been updated for a while and are therefore prone to bugs. They are not the perfect games but they are still good for practicing on the Chromecast platform.


This is one of the best Chromecast Android games. It involves drawing an object while other people try to guess what it is before it is completed. This means it can be played with multiple people with every person taking turns at drawing.


This is like doodle cast but it is newer. It involves drawing a picture that is then portrayed on a bigger screen for other people to guess as the drawing progresses. It has different modes suitable for children and adults as well as different types of brushes for every player to choose from. It is a good game to try when hosting other people. Also, read this if you are expecting guests!


This game is one of the few Chromecast Android games that have premium versions. It has a better user interface and can support up to 15 players. Apart from drawing pictures, you can create new games and invent new words as you play. It also has a feature that allows you to share your drawings on social media.


If you like jigsaw puzzles then this is the game for you. With over 100 levels, 20 difficulty levels and 12 categories, you will find this game entertaining. It has a multiplayer mode which allows you to try to fit the pieces of the puzzle with your friends.


This game is simple but it still brings a competitive edge. It involves chasing down another player’s tank. You may find it hard to use the controls at first but with time it gets easier.

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