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The Best Funny Apps for Android!

Cracking a joke can be a great tool for a quick getaway from sad moments. You can ease tension, enlighten someone’s mood, and there are plenty of jokes out there. They are pretty simple to find, so this outline was simply, fairly simple to derive. Most websites have jokes and it can be hard to find specific sites fir jokes. The following are some of the greatest joke Apps for Android gadgets.


Charges: Free to $9.99

This App is best for regular humor with a lot of funny features. You can get jokes, memes and other humor enthusiasts who are most probably cracking their own types of jokes. The App is pretty simply to use. You just have to navigate and get funny things. The advertising can be annoying, but you will adapt to it after a short period. Also, there is a payable version that gets rid of the Ads, but that can be relatively costly. You can also use the site to access its social media handles.

Dad Jokes

Charges: Free or 1/19$

Dad Jokes is a small App filled with dad jokes. It is entirely made up of one liners and you can easily use it. We do not have the real number, but they are many. You can additionally include your own dad jokes to the App and get more as you use the App. There are some spelling errors and not every joke can be appealing but is one of the best of its kind on Google Play.

Google Play Books (and similar Apps)

Charges: Free

One of the unique techniques of getting jokes is through books. This custom is still available and well to date. Most eBooks have many jokes, with reviews so you can choose the best, most eBooks also lets one download books for offline use and they’re all easy to use as all. We joined Google Play Books, but Nook and Amazon have some similar features if you prefer them/


Charges: Free/Up to $3.49

This App works a lot like 9 GAG. All you have is to get into the App and browse for most memes and jokes, funny stories and humorous ideas. It is simple enough to use and there us an upload of jokes each single day. Some of the dedicated members are a bit unpleased with the some of the Apps’s updates hat affect the App’s functionality. You can always remove it if you do not like it.

Joke Book

Charges: Free

The Google Play store has many generic joke Apps. They all work in a similar manner. The developers add many jokes to the App, and Joke Book is just similar. However, it has some unique features as compared to other joke apps. It has a collection of 3,000 jokes under several classifications. There are many clear jokes with a bit of some dirty ones thrown in. These are all generally regular jokes, but there is the random germ.

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