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The Best Nintendo Switch Games

If you are into 2D or 3D platform games, Nintendo has it all! Thanks to Super Mario, Kirby and Donkey Kong gang, nowadays Nintendo Switch has over 3,000 games available so head on to the store and pick the ones that catches your eye. There is something for everyone, and today we are focusing on the best titles out there, so you can enjoy the absolute best gameplays.

So, here are games we consider the very best on Switch at the moment:

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

If you want to test your skills and reflexes, get Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and immerse into a 2.5D platform game where you will stomp enemies while collecting some bananas. After each area, you will fight an epic boss so be sure that it will be challenging at times. You can play as Donkey Kong or Funky Kong which will make a game less difficult and also there is a bunch of powerful items to use and make this journey less painful. Tropical Freeze is great for both experienced players and the ones that are getting into the series for the first time.


Inspired by retro-platform games, Celeste is one of the best indie games you can find on Switch. You will take on a journey as a young girl Celeste and help her in self-discovery and improvement while also getting through different challenges.

Kirby Star Allies

In this 2.5D platform game, you will be given two options to deal with an enemy. You can not only copy abilities but pick to obtain mix abilities from different enemies and make helpers. You will be able to travel between different areas in the game, and that way collect tons of items in order to fight enemies and upgrade.

Dead Cells

You will explore levels thoroughly in order to complete it, so if you have patience give this one a try. in case you get frustrated easily, maybe leave this one for some other time, but once you learn the mechanics and place some true effort into it, Dead Cells can be quite a rewarding experience to take on.

Rayman Legends

It might not be the most original game, but it is quite fun to play, and you can choose between a single or multiplayer mode. There are various secrets scattered around and level design is supreme. Surely one of the best 2D platform games around!

Sonic Mania

Released on the Sega Dreamcast, Sonic games are highly known all around the world, and although the series were going through some difficult times, it’s back and ready to get your attention. Sonic Mania feels like going back in time but in a good way, so if you are into classic games, this one is for you! there are mix of old stages and some fresh ones, so the fans that were waiting for quite some time, can be rewarded.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

You will control the knight on his quest all over the globe in order to fight other knights. There is so much content you will hardly get bored and it’s taken from games like Dark Souls, Ducktales and other incredible classic platformers, so don’t ignore this title and give it a whirl.

Yoshi’s Crafter World

This new release caught the eye of many players around the world, and it is a 2.5D platform game, which means you can move on a 2d plane in 3D area. Your mission is to eat as many bugs as you can and turn them into eggs in order to throw them in defense. If you are looking for a relaxing gameplay, Yoshi’s Crafter World is the one to pick out from a bunch.

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario must leave the Mushroom Kingdom and search for Princess Peach since Bowser has kidnapped her. It all sounds pretty familiar already but, this time we are introduced to Cappy, Mario’s hat, which is helping and guiding throughout his journey as well as having the ability to capture your enemies and take their abilities for a while. you will be able to travel to various world and immerse into Mario world like no other. If you are looking for excitement, this is the game you want to get!

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

If you are into a 2D platformers filled with creatures and adventure, then definitely give this one a try. through your journey you will discover mysterious creatures and secrets that are hidden in the world, and also meet different characters. You will be able to defy gravity by jumping on walls and ceilings while fighting various enemies.

Hollow Knight

With an incredible visual approach, this game is one of those you shouldn’t miss out on. All levels are exceptionally well built, offering a bunch of challenges and you will never get bored of exploring twisted caverns and old cities. Try yourself in a mystery solving and be friends with weird bugs!

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