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How to Download Borderlands 3 for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Borderlands is a series of video games developed & published by Gearbox Software. It’s the fourth entry in the main Borderlands game and a video game sequel to 2012’s Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 3 was released on September 13, 2019 for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on December 30th, 2019 in macOS. It was also released on Stadia the day after to make up for the tardiness of release.

Versions for the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 were released.

Players complete quests, side missions, and PvP in this game as one of four classes. When players are killed or die from other causes, they may drop weapons and gear which can be equipped.

As you get more experience, you unlock brand new abilities in the game. The plot is centered on four new Vault Hunters recruited by the Crimson Raiders of Pandora to stop twins Troy & Tyreen Calypso and their insane cult followers from harnessing the power of their powers for an evil plan.

Borderlands 3 received generally favorable reviews from gaming critics. Although it was praised for its gameplay, some critics found the lack of innovation and technical issues to be limiting factors.

The initial sales of the game were at a record-breaking high. More people played the game on launch day than in any other Borderlands installment to date.

Borderlands 3 is a first-person loot shooter. Players create their character and go on missions, then receive experience points. They can gain in-game currency & rewards, that are given out by NPCs and bounty boards.

This feature allows players to have a wide range of skills, as well as to level up. As time goes on, the player will be able to allocate skill points across different branches in their skill tree and acquire new skills by defeating enemies.

The game introduces four new playable characters: Amara, a “Siren” who summons ethereal fists; Moze, a young “Gunner” who rides the mecha Iron Bear; Zane, an “Operative” with a variety of gadgets.

The new game features characters with a lot more depth than previous ones, greatly expanding the number of potential character builds a player can make.

Borderlands 3 has the same core loop as previous games despite changes in its overall gameplay. There are new missions & enemies to fight, with the only new enemy being Hyperius the Wedgehog, and there are also special chests that contain loot to be acquired. Game features so many different types of guns that it makes “a billion”. It’s also a hugely popular game with a huge fandom.

Perks can reflect the specific elemental effects you choose, from fire, ice and electricity to alternative weapons firing or other visual differences.

Borderlands 3 characters can choose from a variety of weapons. Weapons in the game have different elemental capabilities, just like what guns in the military would have. Characters are able to coat enemies with an element other than their own during combat, making them vulnerable and exposed to another type of attack

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Borderlands 3 is here, with a downloadable version from the store.

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