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How to Download Control for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Control, developed by game studio Remedy and published by 505 Games, is a game about control. It was released for Nintendo Switch on April 20th of 2020.

A cloud-based version of the Nintendo Switch released on October 2020 and for Stadia on July 2021. The game was also available at Luna when the service launched to the general public in March 2022. Two paid expansions were then released for the game.

This article focuses on the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a government agency that is responsible for containing and studying these phenomena.

Interested in paranormal activities? Jesse Faden (Courtney Hope) is now the head of the Bureau. You can explore the Oldest House for powerful abilities you need to beat down HISS, an invader that’s corrupted this place.

Objects of Power are everyday objects that have been at the center, or near the center, of major paranormal events. These Objects are then recovered by FBC, or The Foundation Bureau of Control.

We also had James McCaffrey, Matthew Porretta, and Martti Suosalo voice the characters of hope. In addition to this, Poets of the Fall music was incorporated into the soundtrack.

Control is inspired by online stories of a fictional organisation based on the new weird genre.

The environments in “The Oldest House” were designed to take the aesthetics of British and American buildings from the Cold War era. Destructive environmental systems were a common sight during this time as well.

Control is Remedy’s latest game and in the first level of the game, there are many references to Alan Wake, similar to their previous games. There are hints that Control could have ties to other games in the Remedy Connected Universe like Alan Wake and also AWE, which was an expansion for another one of their games.

One of the earliest computer games to take advantage of the hardware-accelerated ray tracing features present in newer graphics cards.

The Oldest House is an Object of Power that even creeps the Oldian wizards out. It has a ridiculously large interior despite its external size but what goes on inside is a mystery.

At the start of the game, an entity called the Hiss is trying to cross over through a dimensional barrier into our reality, and has taken over many different parts of the Oldest House. It’s reconfigured its architecture to suit its needs and sacrificed many others in the process.

You will play as the main protagonist Jesse Faden, who’s going to the Oldest House in search of answers about her missing brother. You become involved in a fight against the Hiss.

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