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Dark of Alchemist Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get More Stronger

Dark Alchemist is a great crawler dungeon where you need to know a thing or two before you start, since from the beginning of the game you will need to consider quite a few things. That is why you are here, so let’s get into the Dark of Alchemist tips and tricks right away and not waste any more time!

Build your stats the right way

At the beginning you will be presented with stats while not exactly knowing what they do and how they work. So, in order to get your character bulky and strong, you will need to invest your points and max out the right stats. Here is what each one does:

Strength: increase physical attack power

Life Force: boosts maximum HP and Stamina points

Composure: if you want to build a stealthy character, focus on maxing out composure and that way you will increase the success rate of running, hiding and spotting enemies.

Dexterity: makes lock picking more successful and reduces chances of missing the targer while attacking.

Alchemy Ability: increases the durability of armors and weapons

Luck: if you want to find more items, build up your luck. Also, it will increase your chances of passing by unseen.

All these stats will make a great character but if you want to begin strong, the best approach is to build your Composure, Luck and Dexterity and start from there. After that you can add to Strength and the rest of stats.

Focus on the main goal

The game starts quite simple: you are in your hideout and need to explore dungeons so make sure to reach the last floor of the Alchemy Castle and defeat the boss. On your journey, you will need to defeat enemies and collect items in order to build up your character and level up, but beware once you die, you will lose all your progress so decide when it is the right moment to go back to your hideout.

Search for items!

Once you enter a new area, make sure to explore everything and tap on items that are not even glowing since you can always find some new equipment and recovery items or maybe nothing at all. Even so, it’s worth of trying so be sure to look for clickable items.

Upgrade by leveling up

Every time you encounter an enemy, you have a choice to retreat or attack and that way acquire experience (EXP) if you manage to defeat it. so, by killing monster and enemies, you will gain EXP and once you build it up you will be able to eventually level up. Once you level up you will get some Growth Points, and they are used for unlocking skills and traits.

Store your valuable items in the item box

Make sure to continue exploring dungeons with minimal items and a few ones for a recovery just in case since once you die you will lose all your progress as well as items. So, place all your valuable items in the item box and that way if you end up dying, you will always be able to get your items.

Equip the best gear you find

This will help you in your dungeon exploration, so make sure to always equip your best gear at the moment and focus on finding better one along the way. Always save your equipment by storing it in items box even if you find better.

Increase your Dexterity and Luck to lock pick

If you decide to take a stealth approach, make sure to level up your dexterity for better chance of lock picking. It’s a great skill to have and along the way you can also focus on leveling other stats besides HP.

And that would be all of our Dark of Alchemist tips and tricks that we have prepared. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them below in a comment section. Or if you have any questions about the game, feel free and leave a comment and share with everyone.

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