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How to Download Dead by Daylight for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer, asymmetric horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive.

The player’s objective is to dispose of every last one of the survivors. With only one player, it is a challenging and competitive game.

In order to escape, the killers must kill each survivor and collect their hooks. In the meantime, survivors must facilitate five generators to open the exit gates.

The survivor must be caught with the killer’s weapon (one hit knocks them out and two hits insures death) or caught off guard by the killer.

Although survivors can try to escape the first trigger, odds of them escaping is unlikely.

You can also save them. If they are hooked a second time, they enter the “struggle phase” which is made up of spiders trying to get them out of the game by performing skill chains.

If they are hooked a third time, they will be sacrificed.

The survivors can walk, run, crouch-walk or crawl. If they see the killer then they will have to try and escape them by either losing their line of sight in a chase or successfully hiding from them.

Most killers are slower than a sprinting survivor and cannot run over obstacles. However, they have the ability to sprint faster than regular survivors.

The killer is not able to jump over objects the survivors can place in their way, and instead must go around or destroy them. They also have an ability that can detect generators, hooks and sometimes survivors!

Every type of killer has their own unique powers. For instance, the Wraith can turn invisible and move faster (though is unable to harm survivors while hidden) and the Hillbilly wields a chainsaw that permits him to dash quickly across the map and instantly chainsaw nearby survivors.

These powers can be changed through the use of add-ons.

Survivors can comb through chests for items like maps, keys, toolboxes & med-kits. Most killers move slower the further they are away from you, but some need to get closer to outrun you.

Survivors close to the killer will hear their heartbeats throughout the chase and pursue.

Some killers can suppress their terror radius and red stain under certain circumstances so they can get the jump on survivors.

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