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How to Get Demon Slayer for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch)

A lot of people know about Demon Slayer and have bought at least one of the games. It’s more popular than Sonic the Hedgehog and Minecraft, even with raw sales!

However, this is a very unique JRPG that actually does away with all bosses inside dungeons. All of the spatial puzzles in the game revolve around Shinto shrines and you often have to offer items.

This release came to other platforms just this past fall and now the Switch version has come with all the post launch DLC from those releases.

We really loved this game, it was worth playing, we’re sure you won’t regret it.

The story of Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro from a young age, as he rebels against the demon world and starts by fighting off demons.

Before the events of the game, a demon attacked and killed his family while he was away. One sister survived, but she didn’t get much of a better deal given that she was turned into a ferocious demon.

You play as Tanjiro, just before he is about to complete his training and qualify as a Demon Slayer. Once he’s done so, his goal is then to avenge the death of his family by killing the demon who murdered them and hopefully find a cure for his sister.

As you progress and do well in each chapter, your progress is tracked by an Achievements List that’s reminiscent of the ones in the last few Super Smash Bros. games.

One of the most satisfying features about this game is unlocking rewards through requirements like beating a certain rank or defeating a boss in a certain time limit. These tasks not only help you find another part of the larger puzzle and give you more content to play with, but they also motivate you by giving you items that provide additional bonuses.

If you’re experiencing difficulty with any achievements, you can use Kimetsu Points, which are collected as collectibles in chapters or can be obtained by fulfilling minor repeating achievements like playing as a specific character.

We found the setup of this system to be enjoyable, as it sometimes forces you to play in a way you might not normally. Even when the rewards for doing that don’t feel like much of an incentive.

It is a very solid action game, presenting a gripping story and thrilling combat alongside an art style that almost perfectly matches the popular hit series.

Though the combat can feel a bit shallow and the performance isn’t always perfect, we would still recommend this entry to those without prior experience.

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This very simple course won’t be difficult to go through with all of the detailed instructions. We’ll give you some extra explanations just in case they’re needed.

We will show you how to get Demon Slayer for free. This deal is good on all consoles, including PS5, PS4, Xbox, Steam.

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Collecting points is surprisingly easy. You won’t have any worries about not collecting enough and all you need to do is complete tasks. The quicker you perform tasks, the more points you’ll gain which means more rewards!

Check out our points system.. For 100 points, the offer that’s easiest to complete. The 200-point offer is more demanding and logically, the 300-point offer is the hardest that can be completed in time, but it is worth the most.

Selecting the 300 points offer will simply be a time saver for you.

When you receive your points in the form of a gift card, they can be redeemed instantly.

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