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Era of Chaos Chapter 5: A Guide Where to Find the Hidden Reward?

This quest has probably driven you insane and tried tapping every mark on the map, without any success; because of that we have a solution for finding a hidden reward in Chapter five and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. A glitch might as well cross your mind, but we assure you that is not the case. You can actually unlock this reward in Era of Chaos Chapter 5 and trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this one since the chest contains hundred Diamonds.


Where to look for that hidden chest?


Era of Chaos Chapter 5 is actually a side quest in case you missed that, and you will need to complete it in the main campaign of the game and that way find out where is the hidden reward. You can check out which requirements do you need by tapping the scroll icon in the upper left corner. Check out the Elf lady since she is quite talkative and found out as many clues as you can from her. She will be the only character left on the map so you will not be in the problem finding her and once you tap on her for information, she will tell you that someone left a chest near the lake in the north. Still you will probably have a hard time knowing where the chest is since it is in the bottom of the lake. Tap the lake above the girl but towards the bottom and a hidden sunken chest will appear! And that is it! That way you will easily collect this seemingly impossible to find chest with a reward.



We are hoping you find this simple guide useful and grab that sunken chest as quick as you can. It can be quite frustrating finding the reward on your own, so if you did, congratulations, you did it on your own!

If you like pirate games, this one might be perfect for you!

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