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FaceApp Review by VaultKeys

Have your Facebook and Instagram friends been suddenly posting multitudes of pictures of themselves as wrinkled old versions of themselves? Or perhaps they’re gender-swapping, or becoming small, grinning kids again? If so, you’ve been informally introduced to FaceApp, a new AI photo editor app developed by Russia’s Wireless Lab. Launched in 2017, the app has once again gone viral across social media, and for good reason.

How Does FaceApp Work?

Though it seems futuristic indeed, FaceApp uses a fairly simple AI-like algorithm, deep neural network, that has the capability to change age, gender, background and facial details realistically (as well as the normal photo editing sequences such as hue and filters). Social media is all over that.


FaceApp boasts several interesting features. Gender swap changes you into the opposite sex (convincingly), the Age Changer can take you either back or forward in time, and there’s even a feature to add a smile or a frown. The pro series also contains some cool extras; you can change your hair color, try out a tattoo, replace your backdrop with something fancy or enjoy a celebrity makeover with Heisenberg filters.

Where to Find FaceApp?

The app is free to download from Google Play or the Apple App store. Simply download, snap a selfie, switch it up and save to your gallery. It’s easy.


FaceApp is indeed a fascinating and fun app, and one of the best photo editors out there today. The only downside: pay special attention to the terms and conditions, which require irrevocable access to your data.

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