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If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Final Fantasy VII, it retells and reimagines the opening several hours of F.F.VII.

AVALANCHE is an anti-energy company that has taken a stand against Shinra, a powerful energy company that is literally draining the world dry in order to rule over it.

Within the city of Midgar, there is a large factory that houses the headquarters of Shinra. It is a dark, industrial city that seems to take up most of Remake’s world.

Cloud is a fighter who travels the planet, helping people in need of help. He doesn’t care about fame or glory but instead focuses on the work and reward for his efforts. He has been through so much throughout his life, which is why he does not show any emotion from the start of your playthrough with him.

In this immersive RPG, you start off as Cloud and take part in the original story of Final Fantasy VII. The game combines Square Enix’s iconic heroes CEntrõfY Monstõr with an open-world design.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is popular for many of the same reasons. Its combo-based combat system stays fun for large areas and the story has a lot of likable characters who are also easy to empathize with. Outside of these high quality turnarounds, however, Final Fantasy VII Remake can be quite lacking in things like visuals or pacing.

Most of the changes happen in combat. Unlike other games, Sonon isn’t controlled directly and can’t be controlled with a controller or keyboard. This doesn’t make much difference because you are still able to give her missions and orders without any worries.

The trick is to use his abilities (his special ability & her assault rifle) and create a playable kind of rhythm (while fighting against enemies with her Assault Rifle: nimble, close quarters and long range). What’s more, Yuffie features both close quarters combat as well as long range combat. This makes her the most fully developed character in terms of gameplay.

This game is a fun and quick minigame. The bright colors and simple grid layout help the action flow. Different units have different strengths, so it’s mostly about outmaneuvering your opponent’s attacks and positioning your army to counter theirs.

Stronger units are more expensive to summon and the design of this game does become more all-out aggression in later matches, but there is still fun to be had in customizing your squad.

With a reasonable understanding of Fort Condor, you can beat just about anyone else in an hour or so — it’s just a nice distraction to have.

Remake Intergrade is the best way for fans of Final Fantasy VII to experience the return of their favourite protagonist. The game has some highs and lows in terms of quality, but its many most memorable moments shine through.

Episode INTERmission is an episode that continues the story. It’s not of the highest quality, but it’s enjoyable and still worth watching. Fans shouldn’t miss it.

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