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How to Get ARK: Survival Evolved For Free? PS4

Hey guys! From now on you can enjoy any PlayStation game of your choice using this incredibly easy method! All you need to do in order to download ARK: Survival Evolved on your console, or perhaps grab that PS+ without any expenses, is to earn PSN GIFT CARD that you pick out. You can choose any gift card just make sure it contains enough funds so you can get the game you want.

Also, feel free to come back and repeat the process whenever you want, since this way you can get any amount of funds into your account and always be ready when a pre-order pops out. You can secure yourself with unlimited funds, while not paying anything, and even grab that PS+ membership for 12 months. It’s a great chance to expand your library and have all those games you have always wanted. Check out the full process in our video tutorial or move to the next paragraph and get all the information you need to unlock that psn code right away!

Let’s do this!

What you want to do is pick out the psn gift card that contains enough funds to buy a game. after that you can verify and once you pick your region, you will be redirected to complete a survey or do one task from our list. That can be playing a game or some easy offer, so once you do that, you will be able to enter your email. Within 48h you will receive an email with a psn code and that is it!

Enter the psn code into your accounts and are ready to add those funds into your psn wallet so that way you can download ARK: Survival Evolved or any other PS4 game of your choice. keep in mind that you need to have enough funds in order to purchase a game. Make sure to write us a comment if you have any concerns and questions. Watch our video tutorial for more information and get ARK: Survival Evolved today!

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