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How to Get DayZ For Free? PS4

Save your money using this awesome process! This way you can get any PlayStation game of your choice and in fact, as many as you wish. Also, enjoy PS Plus using the same method and ensure yourself with those free games each month that PlayStation gives out. There is no easier way to grab PS4 games then this one, so head on to our website and earn that psn gift card.

You can enjoy games without purchasing PlayStation Now so make sure to register to our website and start collecting today. Expand your psn library with the games you have always wanted and never again spend money on them since you can always come back and get more psn codes for more games. this way you can horde funds in your psn wallet and always be ready to new releases. Want to know more? Check out our video tutorial or read below for more instructions.




The process is simple. Check out the price of the game you want to get. that way you will know which psn gift card you need in order to start the download. For example, DayZ costs $30, so you can get that $50 gift card and also get some change in return for later games. so, once you pick out which psn gift card you want to get click to verify. Complete either one simple survey or play a game. For users that are not from the US, the process is also simple, just finish one offer from our list and that way verify. Leave your email upon verification and wait 48h or less for your code to appear in your mailbox. It’s super easy as you can see!

Once you unlock the requested psn gift card and enter a psn code into your account in the Store, funds will be automatically stored into your psn wallet and you can get DayZ or any other PS4 game at the same price or below. If you want more funds, come back again and get more psn codes the same way. Let us know in a comment if you have any questions and watch our video tutorial.

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