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How to Get Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition For Free? PS4 & PS5

This super quick method is available now so you can start the process in order to get any PS4 game of your choice including Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition and download it on your console! The same way, you can unlock any PS+ membership that you choose and enjoy those monthly games from now on. The only thing you need to do is get that PSN GIFT CARD and add funds to your account. That way you can choose any PS4 game and download it into your library.

How to get that PSN GIFT CARD? Easy! Now you can get any dlc or pre-order and always rely on this process for psn funds! Check it out!

Add those funds instantly!

In order to unlock PSN GIFT CARD, first check out the price of the game. for example, Need for Speed Heat Deluxe Edition costs $40, so you will need to get the one that has enough funds in it and that way download the game. So, pick the gift card of your choice, and complete a verification in order to prove you are a human. You can complete a survey or do one simple tasks from our offers and that way verify within moments. It’s really simple, so make sure to share this method with the world and spread awareness. After you verify, type your email in the required field and we will send you a psn code within 48h. Make sure to complete a verification all the way through since only that way you will be authorised to enter your email and require a psn code.

Once you get an email, you can insert a code into your psn account and add funds that way. Come back again and get more codes, since this process is limitless, and you can always get games out of it. In case you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment and don’t forget to check out our video tutorial for more in-depth information.

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