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How to Get World War Z – GOTY Edition For Free? PS4

Hey guys! it’s time to introduce our new method for getting PlayStation games. Now you don’t have to pay for World War Z – GOTY Edition in order to download it, you just pick up a psn gift card and download it using our awesome method. Just pick out which psn gift card you want to get and start downloading the game immediately. It’s convenient and super easy, so what more could you even ask for?

Using the same process, you can also get a ps plus and enjoy some pvp for 12 months. All you need to do is leave your email and complete a verification and that way you will be able to store funds into your psn account and spend them however you want. We commend getting World War Z – GOTY Edition, but you can get any other PS4 game, just make sure to have enough funds and that is it! check out the full process in our video or read below.

Get a psn gift card right away!

It’s simple. Just pick out which psn gift card you want and make sure that it has enough funds for a game you want to get. otherwise you won’t be able to purchase it and start a download. Make sure to check out the price of the game; in case you change your mind, you can come back and pick another gift card which has more funds. so, type your email and verify by choosing your region. according to that you will be redirected to complete one survey or do one offering from our list. that way you will be allowed to type your email and we will send you a code shortly.

Once you get a gift card, enter a psn code into your account and add funds to it. and that’s it! you are ready to download World War Z – GOTY Edition or any other PS4 game you want to get. all the questions you have, leave in comments below and our team will help you.

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