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Get Ghost of Tsushima: Legends for Free Now! (PS4, PS5)

Ghost of Tsushima is without a doubt one of the best games of 2020. With satisfying swordsmanship and an open-world to explore, this game has got everything you need.

People often argue the game should have been the winner of Game of the Year over The Last of Us Part II because it introduced a more popular co-op mode in Legends when it released months after launch. But its surprisingly good story and shocking gameplay won enough people over to make it one of the most popular games this past year.

Ghost of Tsushima’s cooperative mode features a new story, visual style, and gameplay variation. It clearly sets itself apart from the game’s original version!

The story modes in Legends are nine missions that feature stories from Japanese mythology narrated by a mysterious man named Gyozen who also voices Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender as he retells the tales of the Mongol invasion.

You play as one of the four spirits, who were called to action right at the start of their journey but got back two years later to find themselves in a world where Mongols and oni try to wipe each other out. They’re tasked with stopping this cycle and restoring peace to Tsushima.

Story missions can now be enjoyed with groups of friends. There are three chapters in total and they give you the freedom of choice to enjoy them stealthily or say “Salute!” loud and proud when you knock down your enemies!

Most of the missions in the game will have you doing the same thing; clearing an area, rescuing hostages, etc. Some missions are more challenging with different enemies that can’t be simply eliminated.

Being able to see a mission’s difficulty, before leaving home, will be helpful because it can help you prioritize your time and other missions in order to increase your chances of success.

Game looks visually stunning, we really have to say.

The game has a terrific mix of supernatural characters and enemies. The designs, movesets, and the overall atmosphere all come together to deliver a very convincing ghost story.

The cosmetics implemented into this were really well done and the addition of sword VFX is a great inclusion that enhances the game’s combat.

Sucker Punch managed to create a photo mode that goes beyond the base game. It is better than traditional photos, and can only be used with a pre-made party.

Performance-wise, PS4 Pro runs the same as the base game (30FPS at dynamic 4K or 60FPS at 1080p). But if you have a PS5, it runs at 4K 60FPS and truly is stunning to look at in motion.

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