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Get God of War for Free (PS5, PS4, PC)

Despite the many reboots & sequels in the past five years, it was only a matter of time before God of War revisted. The game centers on Kratos, the ghost of Sparta, whose challenges now involve some unknown lands and Norse mythology.

As one might assume, the Greek pantheon is now replaced by that of the Norse. Kratos finds himself in a divine battle between gods and does not know which side he should take. He realizes too late that it is complex and he can’t be sure what to do.

Here we see that Kratos is not alone.

God is now not only accompanied by his son, Atreus, but also in charge of controlling the flow of time. He has been able to take on more tasks and improve his standing in the community.

Now that he is a father, there are many challenges he faces in this new and mysterious land. It might be difficult to teach him and help him grow, but overall Kratos can’t wait to be with his child.

In addition to the obvious, Atreus serves as a counterbalance to Kratos’ raw power. In this way, The relationship between father and son can be read in different levels.

Kratos’ moral compass is Atreus, and he became this living legacy as a result of his deepest motivations. It helped him to stay connected to others while pursuing the legacy that they created him in.

This kind of paternal bond and coming-of-age storytelling is not new and other media have explored it magnificently but seeing this new layer on a character we were supposed to know some well is unexpected yet refreshing.

Even though Atreus is a passive player character, he serves as an active piece of the narrative because it changes how people experience the game. The Narrative Companion is a valuable addition to the player’s personal experience with the game.

As to the level design, God of War is designed a bit more freely than other games in the series. Although not inherently an open world game, the massive section of land contains several secret locations to discover and objectives to complete.

Story progress takes up a lot of time and effort. However, it’s worth the wait. The game’s vibrant visuals &; incredible world allow you to immerse yourself in it & have fun. Moreover, the numerous enemies that are taken straight from Norse myths make the experience even better!

Although God of War is a new beast in its own right, it embodies some old traits like hyper violence and gore. This might be because fans demanded them to be there. It can also be seen as a crucial development for the game’s formula.

The game is more mature than the games that precede it, but it still continues to pay homage to the roots that brought it to the point where there is. The game isn’t made for fans who have a specific idea of what they want out of their favorite series, but rather fans who needed their favorite series at any cost without even asking for one.

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God of War is back, with a downloadable version from the store.

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