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Google has to fix Google Photos Bug ASAP!

With technological advancement, there are many changes that are quite evident in the way new features are launched every now and then. Google is trying to fix a bug that is apparently giving perks to iPhone users. It is quite interesting to learn this! Read on for more information.




If you are aware of this format, you must know that it saves up a lot of space enabling you to store lots of photos. The iPhone users have the perks to save images in this format that saves up a lot of space as compared to the JPEG format. Apparently, this particular format is missing in Pixel 4 and hence, the issue.


Apple Vs Google


The Apple users can get the perks while Pixel 4, which is an android phone and belong to Google does not have the perks making this overall situation quite weird and interesting at the very same time. What happens next is unknown. Whether there is a possibility of blocking the unlimited storage for iPhone users or enabling it for Android users. There are many phones such as Galaxy S10 series, Android 10, and many more that have the ability to store the images in HEIC/HEIF format.


Google is aware of this bug and is taking the steps to fix it. However, the estimated time is not yet known! Let’s see what happens in the future and hope for the best.


Final Words


Google is trying to fix the issue and meanwhile, the iPhone users are enjoying the perks. It appears that companies trying to achieve a competitive edge by enabling modern features in the latest devices.

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