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Google Pixel 4 is Going to Get Eye Detection

The biometric face authentication method is gaining popularity with the advancement in the field of information technology. Every now and then, cell phones are launched that take into account this particular method as it is the safest out there. Google Pixel 4 is among the latest android phones that are utilizing the 3D face unlock.


Eye Detection Toggle


Despite the fact that google pixel 4 is using the 3D face unlock, there is an omission of eye detection toggle as spotted by BBC. Based on this factor it means that anyone can unlock the phone since there is no eye detection toggle like the other manufacturers in the market.


Software Update


There is a software update going on by Google that would rectify the eye detection toggle issue. As per the statement by the Moutain View company, there would be a software update in the coming months that would require the eyes to be open in order to unlock the phone.


Safety Measures


There are other options for safety and security for the Pixel phone users. They can use a pattern, password, or PIN in order to unlock the phone. This would be possible y enabling the lockdown feature. The users would be able to enable the lockdown feature through the power button. It is important to note that manual activation is required for the lockdown feature.


Final Words


It is interesting to note that some of the pre-release units had the eye detection toggle feature, which is currently missing from the units. However, it is expected to be released in the upcoming software and the users can hope for the best. There is also a possibility that the eye detection toggle feature could be removed from the production models but it would be great to see it in the Pixel 4 devices soon.

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