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Google Stadia News About Data Usage!

Google Stadia is one of the newest methods of gaming designed to provide added flexibility to where you are able to game. Although it will not reach its official release date until November Google Stadia is already showing signs of issues that will prevent the flexibility the company is striving towards.

An issue has occurred that has made it where Google Stadia is unusable when trying to access the internet via people’s data. Instead, games that require the internet will only be playable when you are at home or in another environment that has WIFI. They will be trying to fix this issue over time but their competitor, Nvidia GeForce, has already done so with their own products by allowing users to stream using their data instead of Wifi. It is important to note however that some cellphone providers, such as T-mobile, provide a connection that is not very reliable with this device.

The Stadia will also not be useable for everyone as it only works wirelessly for people on the Chromecast Ultra and those using smartphones such as the Pixel 2 and all newer models. For many, these two flaws are necessarily complete deal-breakers, but it does make them consider their purchase a lot more.

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