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The Most Exciting Hunting Games

Hunting used to be an activity practiced for sustenance. It has, however, become a leisure activity for most people and despite being one of the oldest practices, some people have grown to hate it. Hunting games are still available and are continuing to grow in popularity. The games are available for Android.

1.Big Hunter

This is an arcade game that isn’t realistic. It comes with many features that allow you to change tactics when you need to as well as many weapon choices. You play the game as the hunter but you’ll have animals chasing you backward. The game has a storyline that makes it interesting.


2.Deer Hunter

This is a 2018 game that requires you to hunt a deer but with other predators hunting you. This aspect makes the game more engaging and therefore enjoyable. The game has a free version with some basic helpful features and tools and a premium version with advanced features.


3.Dino Hunter

As the name suggests, this Android game requires you to hunt pre-historic dinos. The challenges you’ll have to face as you hunt make it interesting and the tools provided help improve your chances of success. It is one of the games that have “futuristic weapons” and some good mechanics for you.

4.Hunting Simulator

With 9 maps and up to 8 weapons, these games give you multiple species to hunt. You also get additional gear like the “decoy caller” and tools such as wind shift and a ballistic calculator. This game has standard graphics, but it is still an enjoyable game.


5.Moose Target Shooting

If you prefer a hunting game that doesn’t require actual shooting of animals then this is one of the perfect games for you. You will try to hit the center of a target but the process is made more fun with the game’s mechanics. These include gravity, the force of the wind, the trajectory of the bullet and your respiratory pause.

6.Wild Hunt

This is one of the commonly known hunting games with real animals and locations. You get a chance to upgrade the weapons you’ve collected and maps for various hunting grounds. The game also comes with some social features.

If playing mobile games is not your favorite free time activity, you can have fun with this amazing app!

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