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Hype City Guide

Tips & Tricks for building the most amazing city


Unlike some of idle games you are familiar with, Hype City is filled with various upgrades and you will surely spend quite a lot of time building the cities from the smallest building to the largest skyscraper! In this article we are going to help you build the greatest city with a few tips and tricks so that way your gameplay will run smooth and you can make the most of it.


Making sure everything is always up to date, Hype City is established with tons of different upgrades. You can indulge in playing minigames and that way ensure your upgrades, but it will still require to spend a lot of time.


So, if you are interested in learning a few tips and tricks, let’s not waste any more time and dig right into them!


  1. Use your empty slots

Your city will get bigger once you start building and expanding, so you will be obligated to build more and more, and that way keep up with money that you need for building more. You will manage to do that by placing a building into an empty slot with each slot capable to hold only one type of building. If you want to see which type of building goes in the slot, simply tap on it a see what you can fit in. In order to unlock and buy new building you must have the Gold necessary and also keep in mind you will need to own the type of the building you are interested in. To check if you are owning a certain type of a building, tap on the empty site below the “Buy this site” and that way discover if or how many of those buildings you already own.


  1. Learn how puzzles work

Once you figure out your puzzle strategy, immerse into playing those puzzled and not clicking to skip it by watching an advertisement since that way you will upgrade your buildings. The more you build; puzzles will become harder, so think those puzzles through and develop your strategic thinking.


  1. If you want to expand, skip the puzzles

You will be able to upgrade your building several times before the Expand option appears with which you can skip puzzles for free. You can skip puzzles by using gems, but it is not really recommended since they could be spent on more useful stuff.


  1. Keep up with building upgrades

Always upgrade the building since once you earn Gold that is the best way to spend it. Also, you will be able to increase the amount of money by expanding and leveling your building so the more Gold you get, more to it! Focus on leveling buildings equally and that way receive some bonus stats.



  1. Upgrade your bank to store more money

You are able to store Gold in the bank so keep in mind to upgrade it constantly and that way ensure you can hold all of your goodies in there. Keep in mind you will be able to make money while being offline.


  1. Go offline to make more money

In case you are lacking Gold but did plenty of upgrades, choose to go offline and wait for Gold to becomes available again. Since this is an idle game, you are able to do this and simply wait it out.


  1. Double your rewards while being offline

Try doubling those rewards once you go back online and watch advertisement which lasts only 30 seconds. Pretty useful and a super easy trick. You will collect a ton of Gold in no time using this method. You can also use your gems to triple the offline rewards!


  1. Claim variety of rewards

Check the Reward Train or look for the Reward Pink Helicopter – there are plenty of different options where you can look for your rewards. Also, you can log in daily to claim your rewards by simply logging in.

  1. Make your income double!

When you are playing, we recommend watching an advertisement and that way doubling your current income. That way you will be able to earn more money and make your income double for 30 minutes.


That would be all we have prepared for now and hopefully you find these tips and tricks helpful, but in case you have more useful tactics please don’t hesitate to let us now in comments section below.

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