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iOS Games Still Worth Playing

Ancient Battle: Rome, Giant Boulder of Dea are some of the latest iOS games released on iTunes. Even though they wouldn’t be considered to be “mind-blowing”, they are still intriguing and entertaining.



Ancient Battle: Rome


This is one of the iOS games that come with multiple strategies for battle options. There are 24 missions you can complete as well as additional 12 missions that you have to unlock. The game also has 30 unit types, as well as some great graphics that all make it a game worth trying out.




Giant Boulder of Death


This game belongs intz the runners’ genre and is about controlling the Giant Boulder of Death while causing as much destruction and mayhem as possible. Your job is to crush everything, whether it’s cars, golden cows, yetis, and villages.




Star Wars Force Collection


Trading Card has given this game a new twist by bringing in Star Wars aspects. You’ll show how strong you are by collecting Darth Vaders and Yodas. Although the game isn’t exactly a Star Wars game, it is still interesting enough.



Infected Wars:2013


Shooter games have been high on mobile devices and 2013: Infected Wars isn’t different. The touch controls are still sluggish when it comes to aiming correctly. It is, however, an improvement, and it also comes with a lot of zombies.


Zombie Typomaniac


This game doesn’t require you to shoot zombies by shooting but rather by typing. It is more fun when played on a PC because of the availability of a keyboard, but iOS devices also work well. You’ll have to pay 99 cents for it, a price that seems to be a little high for a game of its type.



Rooms of memory


This genre was most common on Facebook, but it seems like it has found its way into the iOS platform. The game is, however, more enjoyable when played on more substantial screens and is, therefore, more suitable for you if you have an iPad. Those with smaller iOS devices may find it frustrating.

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