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Spotify Gets the Rights to Joe Rogan’s Podcast

In 2021, we are expecting to start listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast exclusively on Spotify. Being one of the most successful podcast of our time, a deal was worth over $100 million and the premier was set on September 1st. You can still continue to listen on YouTube until the end of this year, when later it will be exclusively available on Spotify. Still some videos will be posted on YouTube but if you decide to listen to a full episode, you will need to find it through Spotify.

So, if you like listening to The Joe Rogan Experience, you will need to subscribe to Spotify since that way you will be able to enjoy those full episodes, while still being able to partially support a show.

Year later after Fear Factor and Newsradio, Joe Rogan has come a long way, influencing millions and millions of listeners and inspiring other people to start their own podcasts. If we go back to 1996, Joe wouldn’t be at the top of our minds when it comes to podcast hosting. Either the pick would be Phil Hartman, Dave Foley or Andy Dick, but for what it’s worth, podcasts weren’t really a thing back then.

Starting in September, The Joe Rogan Experience will be exclusively on Spotify so head on an make an account if you still haven’t.

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