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Legend of Empress Review

Focusing on Asian culture, Legend of Empress is a unique and thrilling game in which you won’t find yourself being forced with story line. If you loved playing Game of Sultans, this title delivers the same feel, with a story developed with far more attention.


If you don’t really care for the story and just want to keep playing, that is not a problem since the game allows you to skip story-parts. It can be interesting to follow the story so you can speculate all plot twists and character change, although translation is not always at its best, but still making the entire concept even more engaging. If you are interested in Asian culture and like to read, you are in for a treat.


With plenty of ways to keep you amused and busy, Legend of Empress gameplay is filled with tons of features to unlock and always keep you immersed even after several hours of play, which is an excellent thing. You are not thrown all features once you start the game, and you really need to put in the work to unlock the next feature and basically get rewarded that way.


Your mission in the game is to recruit and train your team to fight against other players or participate in the single player campaign. You can also go against other teams in the Arena and craft your costume for the next fight. Since only in specific costumes you will be allowed to promote, they are quite important part of the game and you will have to pick the right clothes for the occasion. The game will never force you to spend real money so that is a plus, and if you decide to spend money on the game, it will be because you are really enjoying it and want to grab more bonuses from IAPs.



Participate in fights, meet people, make costumes and marry lovely ladies, all that you can expect from Legend of Empress, introduced slowly so you are not going to feel overwhelmed, which means not all game features will be introduced to you at once. You can make costumes and dress up to win the pageant and participate in many fun activities just like in real life.


You can skip dialogues in order to only play the game, but you will be missing the crucial character building and also you will need to go through the story to level up and unlock certain features of the game. Legend of Empress is slow paced and introducing new characters on your team won’t be as simple as you might think. You will never be forced to read a story and freedom to do things the way you want is possible, but I would recommend sticking with reading a story since that way you will be able to unlock everything in the game including features.


If you love playing this type of RPG game, Legend of Empress is a great choice with many hours of quality entertainment you wouldn’t want to miss out on. With huge variety of features, you won’t be able to stop playing, but if you are looking for fast paced gameplay, maybe this title is not the best for you. it might seem if the gameplay is dragged down at times, but it is worth it and overall it is a great game to try out if you haven’t already.

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