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Get Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for Free (PS5, PS4, PC)

A new game has been released by Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment. It stars Miles Morales, who was first introduced in Marvel’s Spider-Man comic book series.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was great and a highly praised movie based on Marvel Comics’ Miles Morales. We can see this in the success of his character that made its way into our hero game.

The game is a spin-off & sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) and the second installation in the Spider-Man series created by Insomniac Games.

Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of his world, lives in Harlem and is on a journey to protect it from the corporate invasion. In an amazing turn of events even more villains show up as Miles gets deeper into his adventure.

In the game, gameplay is presented from a third-person view. You are able to move around and fight using Miles’ abilities.

Miles’ range of motion is ambivalent and he can do many things. Such as interacting with other characters, undertaking missions, unlocking new gadgets and suits through progressing the main story or completing tasks.

When not completing the story, players can take on side missions and collectible items. Combat will require you to chain attacks and incapacitate opponents by using webs and the environment.

Marvel’s Spider-Mans new edition, Miles Morales, has many similarities to the original due to how the gameplay is no different. The scenery may be a little different because it’s set in winter instead of summer.

Miles Morales is still in control of how he moves, but with a few new additions. Some of these include powerful abilities exclusive to Miles called Venom Blast, which allow you to take out enemies in different ways.

Miles has two special items that can be used in combat: camouflage, which makes him invisible to enemies; and Mega Venom Blast, which deals a massive amount of damage.

The game also introduces new gadgets, such as Remote Mines, which can attach to enemies or electrical panels; a device that summons holographic fighters to help in combat

Trapping enemies in invisible gravity wells can be a great way to hold down multiple foes, especially if they’re trying to get away. Miles is able to upgrade his abilities and gadgets over time from acquiring skill points in a smart skill tree system.

Like Peter Parker, Miles possesses a “spider sense” that warns the player of impending attacks and allows them to dodge and retaliate, as well as web-shooters that fire lines of webs. In essence, these weapons allow Miles to take on his enemies both during combat and in other settings.

Miles also has the ability to jump, stick to surfaces and fast travel using the New York City Subway system.

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