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How to Get NBA 2K21 for Free (Nintendo Switch Only!)

Hello, NBA fans! We are here to share some great news for you! We know how long all of you have been waiting for new NBA 2K21 to be released, but that day has finally come! And that is not all. If you are Nintendo Switch owner, this spectacular game can be yours for free! Yes, that is possible. Let us show you how – just keep reading!

Our team decided to make something innovative and unique, and to surprise all gamers who want to play NBA 2K21 on Nintendo Switch console. We created generator which can help you to get this game totally free – all you need to do is follow a couple of simple steps. The entire process is going to be shown in the video which can be found in this post, but we will also give you some additional explanations, just in case.

In order to get free NBA 2K21, you need to use our tool. To visit it, you just need to click on the button which you can see on the end of this post. It will lead you to the generator directly. After that, you will be asked to enter your current email address or eShop Oline ID to start the generating process. The next step is to choose gift card you want. At the moment, you can choose between $10, $20, $30 and $50 eShop gift cards. Be aware that the price of NBA 2K21 is $59.99, so it is obvious that you will have to choose at least 2 gift cards ($50 and $10) or you can combine them other way, for example – $20, $35 and $10.

How to do it?

After connecting wit our servers successfully, you need to verify that you are human. This step is mandatory, and the generator won’t work if you don’t finish it. Don’t worry, it is a piece of cake. After clicking on the VERIFY button, you will see the list of different offers like games, apps, surveys… You have to choose 2 and complete them. You might be asked to download game and to go through tutorial, to play it for at least 30 seconds, to download different apps or to fill out the surveys. Complete 2 offers which suits you best and that is it! Gift card is yours! Repeat the entire process for all gift cards you want, and once you are done, they are ready to be redeemed!

Money which will appear on your Nintendo Switch account can be spend on anything you want, but we strongly recommend you to pick NBA 2K21 because it is awesome and we are sure you won’t regret it!


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