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Get Nioh 2 for Free (PS5, PS4, PC) for Free

Team Ninja received a lot of attention recently with the launch of Nioh, which many saw as a return to form after From Software took over their series.

It’s not everyday that a developer enters a niche genre with an unproven but promising game and blows it out of the park on debut.

With the hard work I put into Nioh, it’s understandably one of our favorite titles. In addition, there were a lot of small updates and DLC that also improved what was already an amazing game.

If you loved the first game, then you’re going to love the sequel. But if you were struggling with reused levels, having enemies that are difficult to kill or spent all your time comparing stats and hunting for gear, there is a good chance that you won’t feel vastly different in the sequel.

Team Ninja has improved most of the core elements to varying degrees, and it feels very familiar. Not dull or stale, just great!

You’ll play as Shiftlings in Nioh 2. They are a new playable race that has been added to the already-gorgeous action RPG, and they will help you defeat oncoming enemies with their unique powers and abilities.

The Demon Hunter creates its own character from scratch with a sexy new character creator that’s fairly in-depth. An interesting feature is the ability to design your horns in demon form and enhance their appearance. That’ll turn heads!

The Nioh sequel will start in 1555, which lets the team focus on developing the protagonist without having to restructure and abandon the motivations of William.

You can rest easy, this is still a classic fantasy tale with legendary figures, warring-warlords, ghastly creatures, and those all-important spiritual stones everyone’s always after

The combat in this game is as exhilarating and multifaceted as ever. There are fights against run-of-the-mill creeps, as well as the fiercest bosses.

I’ve played the game and beaten it many times. I’m invested in it and love what it offers for a lengthy play time.

In Nioh 2, there is another new ability that makes it easier to enter the Living Weapon state of invincibility. It’s called Yokai Shift and is similar, but distinct from its predecessor.

“Beastly Mode” has three distinct, yet interesting combat styles: Brute, Feral, and Phantom. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses which can make it difficult to figure out what you’re going to do in a given situation. However they all handle differently with one of them being my favorite – Brute can stagger during a quick strike combo. Feral

You can also Burst Counter – a parry-like maneuver that is an essential skill by the end of the game – and use Soul Core items dropped by slain Yokai.

There’s so much to discover about Nioh 2, but I don’t want to rob you of the fun of finding the answers for yourself.

It took me around 9 hours total to clear the credits. It included around 15-20 hours of optional missions, and then a lot of frustration with boss battles that would not budge despite my attempt after effort after trying.

Your bricks are fully randomized and will vary each time. With persistence and a few good stat rerolls, you can overcome them and build to your heart’s content.

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