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How to Get Persona 5 Royal for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch)

Persona 5 released in 2017 and was the successor Persona games that has been ever since. The gameplay elements were refined and its complex systems increased for an even better game.

The story twists and turns in this game, so it goes deeper into the lore of Persona. In addition to new convenience items and story arcs, there’s a post-game dungeon that goes even further than the main game.

The gameplay loop of the original remains intact: You hunt for corrupt individuals, infiltrate dungeons based on their personalities, and battle through tons of enemies – all while attending school and developing relationships with various confidants.

There are many benefits to making connections with people from different walks of life, whether it’s learning their stories, or seeing perks flow your way down the line. Your character development will be greatly bolstered as you work through these storylines and deepen your relationships.

If you haven’t played Persona 5 before, this is the perfect place to start.

Kasumi and Maruki offer humorous and heartfelt interactions, and while Kasumi eventually joins your party as a full-fledged Phantom Thief, that doesn’t happen until the new post-game palace.

I was a little bit disappointed she wasn’t in your party for most of the game, but her constant presence in the story makes it so that you’re already familiar with her when the time comes.

While the new palace and its surrounding areas seem a bit different from the other Arc dungeons in terms of mechanics, it’s still got new puzzles and dungeon elements that are fun to play with.

I was initially worried that the addition of a new final boss wouldn’t add anything to the original ending, but once I finished it, I realized that this new final boss delivers a climactic and cinematic endcap to your journey as the Phantom Thieff.

Revisiting the memorable battles against palace rulers is made even more fun as they now have additional forms that play off the themes of their sins.

Palace rulers have lucratively mislead the public and are now paying for it. The authors did a great job of looking at the facts and twisting them into conclusions that reflect what their boss thinks.

The post-game bosses have been a great feature of Royal’s new version, but there are some weapons and forms that add extra time onto the clock. One boss might attack players on a timed basis.

Regardless of that one misfire, thanks to these additions, the palace boss battles are overall better than those in the original game.

With so many additions and improvements, Persona 5 Royal is an improved version of what was already one of the best RPGs of the last decade.

Whether you’ve been itching to enjoy the journey again or looking to experience it for the first time, Royal wears its crown well.

Persona 5 Royal free download is finally possible! We made short tutorial video with all instructions – you will see what exactly you need to do to get this game for free! This will work on PS5, PS4, Xbox, Steam, Nintendo Switch! So, if you have one of these consoles, don’t waste you time and start collecting points right now!

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