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Pico Tanks Guide

Tips & Tricks to Get More Matches!

In this article, we are going to focus on the basics of every mode and show you how to customize your own tanks and improve your strategy, so without further a due, here is Pico Tanks tips and tricks guide to make the gameplay even more fun!

Get that flag!

Once you get your hands on that flag, be sure to stay close to your team-mates since that way all of you will get bonus points as long as you are holding the flag. At that time, you are unable to hide in the bushes and you will be moving slower than usual, so make sure to rely on your team-mates in order to protect yourself.

If it happens that you lose the flag, don’t stress out since by re-grouping and approaching the flag you can easily grab it back and continue to win bonus points.

Team Deathmatch

Here, a team with the most acquired points wins! You will be taking out enemies and each enemy will bring you a point. The only thing you have to do is survive and make sure to always keep close with your team-mates and once the enemy approaches, stick together to improve chance of surviving. When you find yourself low on energy, just duck down and re-fill with a repair kit.  

Get the cargo!

This is the last mode of the game and you will have to grab the object and bring it back to the base. It’s very similar to the one where you need to go and grab the flag so keep in mind to stick with your group and slowly return to your base with the cargo. In this case you also cannot hide in the bushes so prepare your tank with heavy armor and grab that cargo!

Fight for keys!

Once you complete a match, whether you win or lose, you will be granted coins and keys so if you actually win the match you can earn more goods! With coins being the common currency in the game, they are used for anything, but keys are a special currency and you can buy some special supply crates with them so always keep a close eye on them.

You can always check out your progress at the bottom left corner in the menu and see how many of each you currently have stored. If you win a match, 20 keys will be yours but there is a limitation and you can check out how many more keys can you acquire above the battle button. They will of course re-fill over time, so make sure to wait and take a break so you can earn more keys once you come back.

Finish your missions!

You will be given daily missions to complete and as a reward you can get stars, which is a special token. You can collect 100 stars and earn a Tech crate and that way obtain rare blueprints. In order to build some cool tank parts, just focus on getting those Tech crates. Make sure to complete those daily missions first as they will re-fill once the day is over and you can do them again and pick up more stars.

How to build your tank?

Customization and building your tank are the fun part. The tanks is consisted of body, weapon, two abilities and a topper, so start with the basics and work your way to unlocking more crates as that way you will get more parts.

The heart and the soul of the tanks is its body, so if you want to have a great capacity, energy charge time and movement speed pick the armor that fits your preferences. Attack enemy by tank weapon and you can pick out from rockets, cannon balls, lasers, you name it! you can activate the certain ability in the middle of a battle and that way bring more power! Bubble Shield will protect you from fire but just for a few seconds and that way you can calculate the time you have for an attack.

How to get more parts?

The answer is simple: get more crates! Each time you open a crate you will get rewarded with blueprints that you can use for unlocking a certain part for a tank. Once you get enough blueprints you can start building a part that you want but you can also use research points in order to purchase a blueprint.

So, that would be it for our Pico Tanks tips and tricks that we have prepared for you today. Share your comments below if you have any recommendations!

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