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Review for Mystery of the Opera HD

Inspired by the classical work of art Phantom of the Opera, this hidden object game is presented as a tale with magical details. This addictive adventure will surely catch your attention because it is just a few points away from a straight A.

19th century France scenery is the same like in previous parts. After giving a stunning performance, the opera diva is kidnapped by a mysterious villain. The diva’s faithful fiancé has to find his beloved before is too late. He is pushed into the amazing world of magic and has to use all his powers along the way. He will go through spooky rooms of the opera, dark alleys and graveyards of Paris.

The game has great graphics and it is very detailed. The scenery is truthful and will wake up your imagination. Dark atmosphere brings the most to players as the perfect fit to this era and story.

After a dramatic beginning the story rolls quite slowly which can decrease your interest in playing. But the genre itself is not supposed to be full of action. Anyhow, the creators could have stepped out with more twists and turns in the story.

If we put this on the side, the game itself is very interesting because of the great puzzles you get to enjoy. This is the part that scores this game as top choice. The solutions of puzzles are logic but you will have to think hard to get the right answers.

The game has a great number of puzzles and unexplored territories. Because of this it is a little bit hard to keep track of the game. It would be helpful to have a map on the side for better organization.

To sum up, this is a great hidden object game. Even though the story lacks in detail and excitement, the puzzles are amazing in design, challenging and logical. There are no random guesses like in many other games and that comes as the most valuable feature.

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