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Review of Papa Sangre 2

Great changes are expected in survival horror genre and it was about time. But this game will take you back where it all started in the most unique and creative way possibile. If you want to expand your sights and try something new, this puzzle/hidden object game is the right pick for you.

The whole story is told through sound, so be careful and pay attention to what you hear. The gameplay has very vivid in graphics so don’t let this push you away.

Your personal guide, Sean Bean, awakens you from the dead at the begining of the game and helps you go through this bad dream. If you don’t want to lose the game or ’pass over to the other sideʻ you have to find all the missing pieces of your memory. Players are directed to the Museum of Memories where they fight over memories with their owners. The memories are secured with all kinds of traps and monsters. Concentrate on the sounds that will help you pass these obstacles and eventually return to the land of the living.

There is no need to speak about this game in more detail. You will get the most pleasure if you enter the world of Papa Sangre with as little knowledge sa possible. We recomand you to play alone in a dark space, put on quality headphones and and let your mind open and wonder around the Museum of Memories. Also, get a swivel chair for more exciting expirience.

Despite low visuals, this game is original and intense and the players will deffinitely enjoy it. Papa Sangre is addictive and you will find yourself rushing home just to play it. It takes time to get used to gameplay and requirements, but once you go through all the riddles, you will enjoy the adventure. Download this game today and enter the mindblowing expirience of gaming.

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