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Silent Valley Review: Mystery Mansion HD Edition

Mystery Mansion is the latest release to Silent Valley sequel. It combines adventure with puzzle and hidden objects in one piece. But even though this sounds appealing, this release might be a letdown for faithful fans when compared to the previous part – Temptation. It is made by famous developer, as you may already know.

The story starts when a young couple plans their honeymoon vacation and decides to take a trip to the peaceful house in the woods. Soon, what appears as a relaxing holiday turns into a horror story with no end. The owner of the creepy house is a serial killer and she happens to like young handsome men. So you will play the role of a beloved woman who is supposed to save her husband. You will find yourself on a mysterious quest of danger and magic.

But somehow the seemingly exciting story crashes soon after you start playing. The strong and scary moments are cut with inappropriate dialogs and unfitted funny scenes. And when you sum up all details, you come up with just an average TV drama not worth of watching.

Let’s jump over to the playing and problem solving in the game. Another drawback that strongly stands out. The puzzles are either too easy or too difficult. The strategy guide is not of use, a lot of tips are inaccurate and you will have to use the ESC button surprisingly often which is unacceptable.

Fans will surely enjoy this sequel but don’t have any high expectations. The promising beginning of the story falls apart soon during playing and it seems like the designers only wanted to respect the due dates for release without really paying attention to the final product.

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