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How to Get Skater XL for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch)

I missed out on Skater XL last year when it became available for $5 and is one of the main releases I mistakenly didn’t buy.

It’s tough to compete in the current gaming landscape but if you’re making a new skateboarding game, it might be worth the risk.

Skater XL is a really fun game despite the intentional simplicity. It takes place in an urban environment and allows you to cruise through Los Angeles streets. The goal is just to skate around, which doesn’t have any inherent goals or right and wrong ways to do things like most other video games.

It prioritizes realism over escapism, relying on a physics-based trick system: each control stick controls each of your feet individually, with tricks being performed by pushing them in different directions.

If you want to grind, for instance, you need to properly jump near a rail, spin the skateboard while airborne in order to perfectly land on that surface and then control your feet individually so that you can maintain your balance right before the end.

Doing tricks in this game will not come easy. In order to land a 900, you would have to be physically talented. However, it took me a long time and I found myself giving up on trying tricks that are considered “hella gnarly” on the game’s single half pipe.

The game is quite different from others. The controls are fairly easy to learn, but some might find them confusing early on. By the time you get more comfortable with the control scheme, you’ll be able to do things like turn, jump, spin and do kickflips – the rest is up to you.

Using the game as your playground to figure out new tricks, use the opportunities given in (occasionally glitchy) physics, and showing good intentions.

Skater XL is a revolutionary game that allows players to create their own levels. The developers were confident that the playerbase would grow, but they were not planning on how large it might be.

It feels a little bit sad to have come across the game recently and find that only four levels exist. It’s crazy, but at least you know what you’re getting into before jumping in – it would be worst if you were playing an unfinished game.

There is little to no content in Skater XL, and many similar titles like it. It consists of mostly a community-driven system that doesn’t see much activity. Ideally, there would be more people trying to make new levels & assets for other players to enjoy

It’s tough to see where we go with the anymore. It feels like EA is taking Skate and HSS to a whole other level while we have this game that is just sitting out there, waiting for anything to happen. I don’t think many people are going to actually be interested in playing it compared to other skateboarding games around today.

We’ve found a way to get Skater XL free download. They’re getting way too hard to find, so we’ve made it easy by giving you one simple idea! All you need to do is follow the link and download right now.

The entire process is explained step-by-step and it’s very simple. All you need to do is to follow instructions carefully. Also, we are going to give you some extra explanations in this short article, just in case that you missed something in the tutorial.

Before you start the process and see how to get Skater XL for free, you should know that this method will work on almost all relevant consoles.

Download Skater XL for free right now!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy this method is. It works perfectly and any worries about it not working are non existent. It’s all about collecting points. You can choose if you want to collect 100, 200, or 300 points.

It’s great if you choose the third option, that might be all you need to do. Things will be over soon enough.

This card can be redeemed instantly without any waiting or shipment hassle. It can also be used in a number of online stores.  You can redeem it and get the Skater XL for free right now. This is a really awesome promotion – go ahead and take advantage of it!

Follow this method that can be used for other popular games and get the game you’ve always wanted! Save your hard-earned money with an exclusive method.

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