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Star Wars Review: Tiny Death Star Edition

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you have to admit that everytihing made under their hat is charming and appealing. The popularity of Luke Skywalker, Dart Vader and Stormtroopers is enormous and they apear as icons and inspiration for many games and different products.

The lates sequal of the Star Wars game is free to download on the App Store. This game is similar to many other games of the same genre, but still manages to be in the top.

Unlike in Tiny Tower, in this part you will have to build a Death Star instead of tower. And the game is pretty much the same as the previous parts. Here players earn money as they start business like making apartments and shops for Bitizens, selling items and giving their Bitizens jobs they like.

Imperial levels are new feature in the game. The Emperor will asign you a task and you have to complete it for extra money.

The game looks decent and you will enjoy the good old Star Wars soundtrack while playing.

The big downside is that you lose intrest in the game very soon because it doesn’t really have an end. You will repeat some actions many times and this can be boring.

Tiny Death Star is an upgraded version of previously released Tiny Tower so some may find this unattractive. Star Wars fans will play it for certain, as they would play any part. But anyway, the game is fun and entertaining and you will probably enjoy in spending your free time playing it.

If you have some free time, take a look at the review of this game – Oceanhorn. It is amazing!

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