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How to Download Stray for Free (PS5, PS4, PC)

Stray is a new exploration game coming out in 2022. The story follows a stray cat that falls into a walled city full of robots, machines and mutant bacteria, then ventures out to find its way back to the surface.

The game is presented through a 3rd person perspective. You move around by jumping from platform to platform, climb obstacles, and interact with enemies. B-12 allows you to store items found throughout the world.

Throughout the game, the player must avoid antagonistic Zurks and Sentinels, which try to kill them.

In the game, you will guide a cat through the city by moving platforms and solving puzzles in order to make their way back home. Not only that, but the player can also interact with objects in the environment, like painting on doors with cans of paint or operating a vending machine.

One of the ways they solve puzzles is by moving objects and exploring their surroundings. They might sleep to attract new non-player characters or meow for a timed response. All these interactions give the game a more immersive feeling.

Some levels allow the players to roam at their freedom.

The player has a drone companion called B-12 who helps them in various ways throughout the game. They can translate foreign languages, store items, provide light and help to solve puzzles.

Throughout the game, you collect B-12’s memories. Many of these are optional, but some become unlocked as you progress through the story.

There are a number of optional badges to collect throughout the game. Collecting them displays them on your cat’s backpack.

The world is inhabited by robots who often employ the player to find the items that will reveal more information. With these items, they advance the narrative.

Some robots have optional tasks, for example, Morusque, who plays songs on music sheets found around the slums. The player can interact with most robots in the world.

The game features two types of enemies: Zurks, a large, mutated bacteria that might swarm and eat your cat; and Sentinels, security drones who will attempt to shoot you when they spot you.

For a portion of the game, players can attach a Defluxor to B-12 to destroy Zurks. It will only work for a limited time and needs to be charged after that.

The player can escape death by not getting caught in a sight from the sentinels.

Kowloon Walled City was a big inspiration for the visuals of “Stray”. They liked that it was an organic construct and found it interesting to approach as artists.

One of the graphical experiments they conducted was to analyse the city’s environment and buildings, which they felt suited a “perfect playground for a cat”.

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