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Temptation Review for iOS Users

One of the most challanging goals in gaming industry is to find the way to keep your audience satisfied. When you check the list of hidden object games in the App store, you will find thousands of different games. But only a few will actually interest you. This became a huge problem for designers and developers. Now, thay have to find a way of making sometihing fresh and intriguing, or keep upgrading existing contenet with new exciting ideas.

Temptation is a game that will satsfy all your expectations. It seems that this game is out of the competition. It is a never ending adventure with a great storyline with tricky turns that will deffinitely keep your close attention.

The action starts immediately, when the whole place is surrounded by fog and terror brought by the Dark Raven. If you want to survive, you will have to move from town to town exploring and speaking with its inhabitants. Along this journey, you will have to solve countless puzzles and riddles that will block you all the way.

To enphasise the dark and spooky atmosphere, the landscapes are based on mid century European towns. Even more, you will find yourself forced into a corner with no escape, as the fog spreads and shakes you the core.

Once you manage to enter the Dark Raven’s fantasy world, you will find the plot getting even more misterious and you will be excited to go further and explore clue after clue and watch te sroty slowly unveil.

The puzzles that the players are suposed to solve are challanging and never boring. Sometimes even the experiences players will have to think twice before solving the mistery. The section with hidden objects is surprisingly low in content. This might be the only downside that the fans wil not like. Enchanted flowers that players discover during the game are deffinitely a highlight and using these on the objects, users can bring things back to life.

Cruising through the game is relatively easy, but a map for navigation is an upgrade that developers should keep in mind. Players are given a list od available tasks and missions. The addition to the game’s atmosphere is the great music playing in the background that will give players the real sence of dreadfull medieval times.

In conclusion, there is no question that you will pick this game among numerous others. The story and gameplay are amazing and will satisfy all your sences. But, most importantly, the game will entertain you with its demanding and challanging puzzels. This seems like an equation for endless downloading. Check out the App store and start playing today. More reviews like this one can also be found on our website! Chech them all out!

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