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Top 5 Apps for Investors

Does pilling money while sitting in the comfort od your home sound good? Of course it does. Investment business has always been appealing. Great investors have a sharp eye for money making opportunities, and sometimes it seems like thay are earning money as they sleep. The reason to be jealous is totally justified. But if you are just a common guy with a decent savings and you are thinking of investing, you will need guidence.

The horrific scenes from the stock market offices are so out of fashion. No one will yell at you over the phone trying to convince you to buy things you absolutely don’t need. That’s why we bring you some of the most valuable apps to help you in the journey of investment business. Have no fear, because these are doing the homework for you.

1.    Robinhood

To begin, this is one of the best apps if you are new in the business. The users can invest in stock and crypto currencies. When you first sign-up, the app will generously give you a free stock to make you loosen up a bit. By inviting your friends and expanding the number of users of the app, you can earn $500 in free stock.

Features that highlight this app:

  • No commissions while trading
  • Notifications that will keep you updated
  • Use benefits that come with Gold Membership


2.    Stash

For those who do their homework regularly and keep a sharp eye on the changes of the market, Stash will be quite useful app. You can set the amounts and they will be automatically invested in stocks weekly or monthly, as you choose. The app also collaborates with ETFs so you can invest in individual stock. Users will be also introduced with many different guides that will help them in upgrading of knowledge.

Benefits of using Stash app:

  • Approvement of retirement accounts
  • You won’t be charged for investing in stock
  • There are no fees for inactive accounts

3.    E*Trade

On this app users can manage their investments in stock, ETFs and mutual funds. One of the useful options is the info-library where all the investors can exchange knowledge and ideas. This means that you will have a chance of doing business with experts even though you are still a rookie. Also, you will have the access to a very detailed analysis of the market that can help you make the best investment decisions.

Features to enjoy using this app:

  • There is no minimum sum in your account
  • Customer support available at any time
  • You will not be charged any fee for transacting in mutual funds

4.    Trade Hero

This is the best app for students and anyone who just want to test their investing knowledge. Users, usually gamers, access a virtual market and invest virtual money. Since there is no risk of losing, you can try out your abilities as an investor and see if you should take it to the next level.

Benefits of using this type of investment app:

  • The app is free
  • The market is created using real data
  • Only long term investments are available

5.    Stockpile

Parents will be delighted to know they can gift their children something than can grow in value. When you register as a new user you will get $5 you can invest in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is still waiting for the highest value, so this could be a smart invest.

Features that come with the app:

  • You can make Gift cards by buying shares
  • The commissions on trades are very small
  • Possibility of investing in foreign companies.

In our REVIEWS section you can find more apps and games recensions, so read them all and enjoy!

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