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Top 5 E-mail Apps for Android

The basic idea of a cell phone is that the device enables you to recieve and send messages. You can find hundreds of messenger apps online, but emails remain number one communication tools.

Because of this, the demand for a good email app is high. And the developers offer us tons of material to test out. It is reported that every three out of five people use their smart phone to check email and that’s why everybody is looking for a highly functional app.

Depending on your needs, we have made a list of popular email apps that you can use on your Android device and never miss out info. Swipe down and check some of the picks.

1.    Microsoft Outlook


This is the most popular app in business world. Millions of people use this app on their phones. Outlook is well organized keeping the most important messages on the top. You can also switch to calendar and check your meeting schedule in no time.

The reason why this app is used so much is that it supports email services like Microsoft Exchange,, Office 365, Yahoo mail and Gmail.

Features of Microsoft Outlook app:

  • Access your files and calendar easily
  • Create and enter group meetings
  • Interactive design


2.    Gmail


With 1.5 billion users worldwide, Gmail is one of the most commonly used email apps. Users get to filter their spam emails, access the app offline, connect with Google Hangouts and much more. This app is also preinstalled on Android devices.

Download this email app and start enjoying 15 GB of cloud storage. This is the biggest storage space offer you will get. Also the attachment size is the biggest among all apps and it is 25 MB.

This app is recommended to users who want to engage with other Google products. This way, they can sync all their actions in one place. There is the option of multiple accounts, so business and personal accounts will be joined in one easy app.

Features of Gmail app:

  • Multiple accounts are available
  • Promotional and social messages can be categorized
  • Personalization options

3.    Newton Mail


Are you missing Snooze mode, Reply Later or Undo Send option? Don’t worry, because Newton Mail has it all packed for you. Subscribe to this service and try a new interesting feature of tracking the mail individually. This is how you will always know who read the email. This app also automatically lists the emails that are waiting to be replied to.

Using this app will cost you somewhere around $4 per month.

Features of Newton Mail app:

  • Push notifications
  • Make schedules for emails that you will send later
  • Sync folders and more

4.    ProtonMail


This email service is encrypted. It means that every communication you have is saved in encrypted format making your conversations extra safe. The users are offered a modern interface with multiple options.

You can send 150 messages in one day and you are gifted 500 MB of free storage. If you want a safe communication online you will have to pay various amounts of money depending of the package you need.

Features of ProtonMail app:

  • Manage and create PGP
  • All emails and attachments are encrypted
  • Self-destructing mode for mails and more

5.    Edison Mail


Manage your accounts from different providers such as Gmail and Yahoo using this easy email app. It has an assistant that will help you browse any key information through the attachments and files.

Features of Edison Mail app:

  • Automatically categorize your emails
  • Intelligent notifications

If you are planning trips in near future, consider using one of these great apps!

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