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How to Download UFC 4 for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox)

UFC 4 offers a wide variety of modes, but the heart of anything you experience throughout the game will be its combat-centric mechanics. The mechanics are much better than before.

The new standing game in UFC 4 makes the fights feel more cinematic and allows you to put a lot of attention on the striking system. Your strikes have decent weight behind them, and it’s great that they give you more control over your distance in each fight.

For a long time fights have relied solely on the use of swings and punches, but now timed strikes can be used to cause more damage. Using different attacks based on their range also means that each fight is unique.

The more traditional ground game looks more accessible at first glance, thanks to a newly implemented grapple assist system.

I found that while the game provided a certain number of options, prompting you to hold the right stick in a certain direction, these moves felt jarring. In particular, when your fighter is out of stamina.

When you don’t have control over the game & it feels like your opponent is undeterred by your attempts, the struggle feels unbalanced.

There are many different ways to approach the game, but none of them feel smooth nor intuitive.

In theory, the grappling assist system helps fans of all levels. It provides a visual aid to help them identify the numerous positions & steps that come with various moves in the ground game.

But you can find yourself scrambling in the game’s ‘recommended moves’ feature that it offers. This would be ideal for a strategy game where your main objective is to do well in all stages of the competition, instead of focusing on one stage.

UFC 4 career mode doubles as a tutorial, immediately prompting you to create your fighter, as you a thrust into a story in which you are, of course, ‘discovered’ by a local trainer scouting the local fight game. What follows is a string of basic fights which slowly introduce you to the basics, before you find your way into the UFC.

When you open the game, it invites you to team up with a trainer–Coach Davis. It provides an opportunity to interact with him and is also informative. Thanks to some quality voice talent, the relationship built here feels like one that could be real.

You start out in this card-based fighter that evolves over time and provides a satisfying progression and consistent changes.

You don’t see the grind because upgrades are starting to come in. However, you still feel like you’re getting stronger and quicker with each fight by just doing the right things.

Choosing the difficulty level of each fight can also make a game feel more fair, especially if you have difficulty setting is set to ‘easy’ at the beginning. The ability to retry after losing a title fight stops them from feeling too easy or too hard and there are no consequences for your loss.

UFC 4 is, in many ways, the best UFC game to date. The striking feels better than ever and there have been some changes made to the ground gameplay that make it fun and challenging. One of the best parts about career mode is the Coach Davis interactions. They add a sense of heart & charm to this experience that might not be found in other modes. Ultimate Team has been replaced with a casual platform called Kumite and it added a unique aspect that never crossed my mind before.

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