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How to Download Watch Dogs: Legion for Free? (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC)

Watch Dogs: Legion is the latest entry in Ubisoft’s high-tech, open-world crime series.

A London where tourists and locals were subjected to a night of tragic terrorist bombings have left the city in shambles. From that point on, crime has risen dramatically — and so did surveillance.

“DedSec” the franchise’s phone-hacking heroes, have been left holding the bag for this disaster by an unknown party known only as “Zero Day.”

Following a string of terrorist attacks, the British government has put law enforcement in London under control of paramilitary security firm Albion.

London’s crime rate is decreasing, but public safety isn’t the only thing that has improved. By this point in the novel, the world has devolved into a dystopian wasteland and London has been placed under total martial law thanks to a massive assault on civil liberties.

DedSec has been around for a while now and has developed major skills in cybersecurity. It’s up to them to rally the people who were co-opted by an unjust social order and bring about freedom through data liberation.

Legion is a really fresh take on the genre because it invites players to play as tough-as-nails rebels who are just looking for new people to join their cause. The gameplay allows tons of freedom and focus on capturing and recruiting other passionate players.

Simply finding a disfranchised Londoner is a great way to gain more DedSeccers. You can then choose to send them on short missions that you can find in-game or even upload later.

Every character brings skills specific to their role during the urban war. Whether it’s access to certain weaponry or a special drone, legal assistance freeing your jailed teammates, or just being able to hit hard with a melee weapon – they have different ways of contributing.

Legion’s hook is that you build a unique group of operatives who will work collaboratively to tackle missions and challenges ahead of them. They all know their role, which is vital for success.

As beautiful as the game is to look at, the most impressive aspect of Legion is how amazing its water effects look. The way it interacts with characters and environment elements make the entire game believable & inviting.

Watch Dogs: Legion is overall a better looking game, but doesn’t feel like it’s quite up to snuff just yet. It may be close to the next-generation some would say; but for now, you might feel as if it’s missing something in terms of refinement. That being said, the voice actors are great and the audio and visuals on this game

Watch Dogs: Legion seems like a new, different game at first. But it’s still a formulaic open-world adventure with lots of rule-breaking anarchy here and there.

Watch Dogs: Legion has some of the most visually impressive cars, locations, and billboards yet in the Watch Dogs series. There also seems to be a lot more variety for characters.

Watch Dogs Legion free download is finally possible! We made short tutorial video with all instructions – you will see what exactly you need to do to get this game for free! This will work on PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC! So, if you have one of these consoles, don’t waste you time and start collecting points right now!

Our gift card is the easiest way to get everything you need & want! Watch Dogs: Legion for free is there to be taken, you won’t spend a single dollar on anything – we guarantee it.

Download Watch Dogs: Legion for free right now!

This process is very original, and it works perfectly! You just have to decide if you want to collect 100, 200 or 300 points. Later, these points will be exchanged for suitable gift cards. The entire process is a piece of cake, believe us! Even if you decide to go for 300 points, which is the most popular option, you won’t spend too much time and energy! Offers you need to complete are different and their difficulty depends on the number of points you are going to earn.

In the picture below you will see how this system looks, what kind of offers you can expect and some basic instructions.

Now, when you saw the entire process of how to get and download Watch Dogs: Legion for free, go for it! Share this with all your gaming friends – they will appreciate it! Not spending a single dollar on this mega popular game is really a big deal! For any additional questions, read FAQ section of this website or contact the support team anytime!

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