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How to Download WWE 2K Battlegrounds for Free (PS5, PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch)

The WWE games are usually annualized and typically released in an almost simulated way, but this year is the first time they’ve made something different in a long time.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds features a wide cast of WWE superstars new and old, throwing each other dozens of feet into the air, into cars, and alligators (also known as crocodiles in this title), all with over-the-top power-ups and abilities. This is anything but a simulation of modern professional wrestling I can assure you!

Battlegrounds still offers some charming qualities, like the way wrestlers have been placed inside toy boxes and the campaign mode is presented in a comic book.

The campaign tells the tale of Paul Heyman creating new TV programming, including “Battlegrounds,” a bizarre underground wrestling show.

Paul brings Stone Cold Steve Austin out of retirement for his Battlegrounds show.

It can be difficult to follow the storytelling in Battlegrounds because it falls into repetitive generic fare. But hey, at least their use of mundane words is standard across a plethora of titles.

After you’re in the ring, gameplay can feel quite repetitive and boring. The combos that are given become incredibly easy to break down into pieces.

You can perform moves by holding down L2 while you’re on offense or defense. You can do grapple and throws, finish, or even grapple and throw simultaneously!

Unfortunately, you will have to unlock most of the characters in WWE by spending real world money.

The whole process is incredibly slow going. Legendary characters, for example, cost roughly 12,000 WWE Bucks. For context: You earn a few hundred a match on average, dailies only reward around a thousand, and the rewards for leveling up each week are around 1k.

In order to unlock the full roster, you must either pay up or slowly grind it out.

The technical side of Battlegrounds is at times complicated and problem with it, but things are much better now.

From numerous bugs and framerate drops, even with this simplistic art direction and graphical style, Game was ultimately a mess. Like previous entries in the series, Benoit’s fatal-4 way match at Mania ends up being.

It is not as much like the old-school games that we grew up on, nor does it offer a compelling experience. But it offers exploitative microtransactions to help pay for things .

You should’ve known it. The spectacle of the WWE always overshadows its game. There’s nothing special about its moves or abilities, and that’s something that hurts inside. The lack of depth and buy-ability will be quickly lost on you, too.

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